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Best practice for Managing the Civil Contracting Industry's Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

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QEST is an integrated management system and is an approved accreditation management system written designed for and by Civil Contractors

it manages their businesses efficiently by improving their Quality of work, while complying with Environmental requirements and improving their Health & Safety record.

QEST Accredited Contractors can demonstrate industry best practice through quality compliance with ISO 9001, environmental compliance to regional authority requirements, and compliance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act, 2003.

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To promote Industry Best Practice NZ Contractors Federation and QEST have developed a comprehensive selection of Industry Controlled Documents for more information about QEST and a copy of these documents email: info@QEST.co.nz

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Legislation & Regulations UPDATED

Legislation and Regulations have been updated and loaded onto the web site QEST Has rationalised the previous sheets reducing the number from 16 to 7 by combining Legislation and Regulations on one sheet. In addition some sheets contain references to we


Add a Project

The contract Setup page has been renamed to Add a Project This change should make it easier to find.


Contract Setup

The Contract Setup page has been modified and will be renamed as \'Add a Project\'


QEST is continually improving

All management systems continually improve - that\'s what they must do.


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Web pages updated


QEST Reporting functions

Reporting functions have been added to the following pages: - Resources - Job Descriptions - Training Assessment & Delivery - Induction & Visitor Control - Hazard Identification, Assessment & Management - Aspects & Impacts